About us

We are one of the oldest operating and most reliable companies providing business safety and debt collection services in Lithuania. We have already proved to our clients that the focus on the result and special attention to quality ensures long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation.

Since 2006, we are purposefully working together with other companies belonging to the “Saugos investicijų biuras” (Security investments Bureau) holding, with the aim of creating a safer Lithuania, where it feels good to develop business without fear for its future. Based on the specialized experience of our employees in various institutions and the implementation of modern business security solutions, we save our clients’ time and money, allowing them to stop caring about unfair competitors, unpaid invoices or unreturned assets.

Without sacrificing the quality of work for the sake of high growth rate of the company, we have gradually expanded the range of services and are already successfully working outside Lithuania. We have accumulated invaluable experience by focusing on complex cases, often with attributes of criminal offences, which allows us to quickly assess the problem, predict the ways of solving it and achieve the set goal. Our activities are based on an individual approach to the needs of each client, we do not have “small debts” or “insignificant problems”.

We are happy to rely on the experience of the international team, which allows our company’s ideas about fair and reliable business to spread far beyond Lithuania.

In the year 2020, EB Law and Consulting became a member of the Association of Credit Management Companies, and together with colleagues, we seek to ensure that individuals who create businesses and contribute to the prosperity of Lithuania would experience fewer concerns about business security, and the subjects faced with such difficulties to return to a full life as soon as possible.


Principles of our activities



Attention to the client

Comprehensive protection of our clients' interests is the main principle of our activities, and feedback allows us to improve in order to meet the high quality standards that we have set.



We never give our clients a reason to doubt our loyalty. When reporting for the actions performed, we allow the client to monitor and control how his order is executed.


Respect and empathy

Respect for clients, business partners, people experiencing difficulties and empathy for everyone's personal problem is our standard of performance.

Our mission


Safe and reliable business environment with no place for fraud, deception and dishonesty.

The success of our business directly depends on how successfully and quickly the problems of our clients are solved, so we are also growing together with them, by helping our clients to develop their business safely. Our whole team believes in what we do and follows the direction chosen by the company, individually oriented to each and every client

Andrej Voinilko
CEO, UAB EB Law and Consulting


Our vision



Quality guarantee

Strive for the company and the services provided to be evaluated as the highest quality business safety guarantee.



Ensure relationships based on mutual respect and trust through our work.


Continuous improvement

To be an innovative, constantly growing international company that unites personal experience and modern technologies.ve.

Our objectives


To make the company's vision a reality, we set ourselves such goals



Meet the highest quality requirements by helping clients develop their business effectively.



Use the investments to increase the competitiveness of the company's services in order to provide high value-added services.



Form a correct, respectful attitude to business, ensuring compliance with laws and moral principles.



Ensure quick response to changing business conditions, guaranteeing services that meet client needs.

The company and partners who trust in us


In providing services we cooperate with many of our long-term partners:

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