Debt purchase


If you don't want to wait — sell!

Debt purchase — individual debts and debt portfolios— on terms favorable to you.

Sale of debts is an opportunity for your company to ensure quick recovery of working capital, save time and reduce financial costs for debt recovery and avoid risks due to possible insolvency of the debtor.

By selling the debt to our company you will avoid possible long litigation process and negative emotions in negotiations with debtors. Our experts will quickly assess the condition of your debts and provide you with a competitive offer. 

Debt sale is a process that guarantees quick receipt of money, dissociating your business from possible unsuccessful recovery, insolvency of the debtor and long litigation risks. After the sale price is agreed, the money reaches your account no later than in 5 days, so you can calmly predict financial flows. 

By agreeing on a permanent transfer of claim rights without fundamentally changing the debt structure, you will be able to optimize the costs of debt collection and plan investments more accurately.

Depending on the nature of the debt of a legal or natural person, we can offer a payment from 3 to 95 percent of the amount of the claim.

Debt purchase is an area where we have accumulated extensive experience. Having a lot of practical experience in managing purchased debt portfolios and individual debts, we can offer borrowers flexible payment terms, which leads to the benefit of all parties — the same client, having covered the existing debt, can return to you for new services.

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