Search and return of assets


Your assets belong to you!

In the modern world, with intensive circulation of goods, there are often situations where assets are managed by persons who do not have such rights and they are not returned to the legitimate owner. In most cases, due to the nature of civil relations, law enforcement authorities cannot help to recover legally owned assets in such cases. This is often the case with abuse of management rights when a third person does not ascertain whether the person transferring the assets to him has full rights to such property or assets.

Our company offers effective means of solving problems of this kind. 

The doctrine formed in Lithuanian case law clearly states that acquisition of an item does not in itself entail the emergence of ownership right to that item, so vindication is one of the means that the owner of the item can use when returning the item from unfair management by a stranger.

Property search and return is an area where our company has extensive experience.

As part of the tasks assigned to us, we will find and return to you various types of assets: light and heavy vehicles, semi-trailers, agricultural machinery, equipment and organizational equipment

During the provision of the services, we will:

  • check your submitted and newly established contacts;
  • negotiate with the person not returning the assets on the terms of debt payment/asset redemption/repayment;
  • after finding the assets, we will organise and control the collection and return of the property to the legal owner;
  • represent your interests in law enforcement authorities and carry out the recovery of the remaining debt.

Assets search and return is carried out not only in the territory of Lithuania, but also in foreign countries

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