Business safety


The basis of safe business is prevention!

Our specialists will quickly and reliably assess the solvency of your business partners and identify related risks. We will directly check everything, without limiting ourselves to only publicly available data and provide you with recommendations. Taking care of the security of your business, we will assess possible risks due to security of physical assets, disclosure of commercial secrets and unfair practices of competitors.

The best way to protect yourself from debts is to perform debt prevention. Adequate knowledge of the future or existing partner and objective setting of his solvency and the deferral limit allows our clients to minimize the risk of occurrence of debts and related costs. We have many years of experience in the field of business safety and security, so we can very quickly identify the weak points of the subject under investigation, provide this information to our clients and offer specific recommendations. We evaluate the reliability of publicly available information by checking with actual data and providing the client with objective data and conclusions.

We also carry out an assessment of the reliability and solvency of foreign entities in cooperation with foreign partners.

The safety of your business and the successful fulfillment of obligations depends not only on the choice of a reliable partner, but also on the level of physical security of your assets, intellectual property protection and specific actions that you take. Together with our partners we will professionally assess the level of physical protection of your assets, provide conclusions and recommend how to close existing security gaps. We will evaluate competitors in the market, identify possible violations of industrial , intellectual property, rules of fair competition, discrepancies in the use of the brand, and take action on elimination of existing violations.

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