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Protection of personal data

Protection of personal data is a particularly relevant area, requiring special attention, constant monitoring and control. It is closely linked to cyber security that is becoming increasingly important in ensuring the implementation of fundamental human rights and freedoms. For those who are not professionals in this field or specialists in the application of GDPR provisions, proper implementation of the data protection process may seem complicated, therefore we suggest using our company’s competences to ensure the safe processing of personal data of your employees, clients and third parties.

Clients often think that their company does not process personal data and their data protection requirements are not relevant to them, but the opinion of many clients changes after the initial audit. Sometimes it is not even understood how to change and what data falls within the scope of the personal data required by each company to process. The initial identification of such data, its systematization and the formation of an action plan help our clients to properly process personal data by preventing their loss and avoiding fines.

Our company assigns a specialist in the field of personal data protection to the client, who supervises the processing of personal data, makes recommendations, performs other functions of the data protection officer.

When providing services, we:

  • · Participate in the assessment of compliance with GDPR provisions of personal data processing.

Initial audit or periodic audit of processed personal data shall enable the entity to take measures to ensure the proper implementation of the protection of personal data, the fulfilment of already applicable personal data protection requirements and the changes to be taken in order to improve the management in this area. The audit identifies weak areas of personal data processing, and deepens the knowledge of the persons responsible for data processing. Internal audit allows timely identification of problems and to avoid loss of personal data and possible fines.

  • ·We carry out continuous monitoring of the processing of personal data, which includes services such as:
    • – consulting employees responsible for processing personal data and company managers on personal data protection issues;
    • – informing about the adopted legislation on the protection of personal data and changes thereto;
    • – participation in inspections carried out by the State Data Protection Inspectorate, preparation of answers to inquiries;
    • control over the processing of excess personal data;
    • preparation of procedures governing the processing of personal data and assessment of compliance with legal requirements;
    • – supervision of internal and external privacy policies, ensuring the security of access to personal data and controlling such access.
  • ·We conduct training on topics related to the processing of personal data.

None of the established procedures will be able to ensure the security of the processing of personal data if the employees of the company do not understand the importance of the data processed by them or understand what responsibility is assumed when receiving this type of data. Only constant education of employees, familiarization with the latest requirements in the field of personal data protection, regular reminders of the rules of processing of personal data in a particular company allow to minimise the risk of negligent or inappropriate processing of personal data due to human “mistakes. Based on our services and external lecturers, we select the most acceptable solutions for training and continuous verification of knowledge, so that the client’s employees are trained and have sufficient knowledge in processing personal data.

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