Debt recovery


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The success of the debt recovery depends on the proper assessment of the situation and the precise implementation of the action plan, therefore, we can take care of the debt recovery by giving you an opportunity to concentrate on your main activities. When recovering debts, we control settlements throughout the process: starting with billing, pre-trial recovery and until the award of the debt in court and post-court recovery, so you can be sure that your case will not be lost and will not be forgotten at any stage.

Debt recovery is an area where we apply time-tested and most effective solutions for each situation that allow you to return the money you are owed and ensure the stable functioning of your business in the shortest possible time.

Not every method of debt recovery is suitable in all cases, therefore, in order to achieve the best results, we recommend the most optimal debt recovery process after assessing the situation of each client individually.

Pre-trial debt recovery


Pre-trial debt recovery saves your time, reduces the cost of preparing for litigation. This method of recovery allows you to flexibly decide on debt maturities and choose the methods and conditions for repayment of debt only depending on your agreement with the debtor. It is at this stage that most of the success depends on the skills and experience of specialists, since each case requires individual, sometimes lightning-fast solutions. Our company’s specialists have many years of diverse experience in this field of debt collection, allowing us to guarantee the maximum results for our clients.

One unsettled invoice rarely affects the financial stability of the company, but we are well aware that without controlling client settlements leads to serious consequences in the long run: cash flows are disrupted, payments are delayed with suppliers, employees, and ultimately, unpaid accounts reach critical mass, which may lead to the termination of the activities of the company. All this can be avoided by applying for professional assistance to debt recovery experts in a timely manner.

Depending on the client’s needs, we can offer assistance both in solving short-term problems and taking over all the functions delegated to us by the client in relation to debt recovery and solvency assurance, starting with the assessment of the potential client’s credibility, ending with representation during the pre-trial or judicial recovery of debts. By providing your clients with deferral limits, we constantly monitor the quality of payments, promptly respond to any unjustified delays, preventing the debts from maturity, initiating the necessary legal actions if necessary.

We perfectly understand that the success of your business also depends on your relationship with clients, albeit they are late to settle, so we pay special attention to maintaining business relationships so that debt collection is not an obstacle to further development of cooperation.

Whenever possible, it is always more effective to resolve disputes peacefully. In most cases, debtors tend to pay off and not engage in legal proceedings, and the creditor benefits even if it is established that the debtor is insolvent — our client avoids lengthy litigation proceedings and unnecessary costs associated with filing the claim.

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Judicial recovery of debts


As a rule, preparation for a trial consists of several stages: the formulation of the main claim, the calculation of all possible forfeit, the calculation of mandatory contributions relating to the litigation process, the preparation of procedural documents and their submission to the court. In all cases, we try to assess the possible costs with maximum accuracy before the start of the proceedings, so that the client can assess the cost-benefit ratio and the decision taken on initiating the legal case would be based on the most accurate calculations as possible.

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International recovery


International debt recovery is becoming increasingly relevant in the global world as the movement of goods between countries and continents simultaneously expands the need for international recovery.

Debt recovery platforms and databases, developed at European and global level, allow effective recovery from debtors located in other countries. However, despite the evolving systems, without knowledge of the specifics of a particular country, it is still difficult to recover the debt independently without the help of reliable partners operating in a particular country.

With a wide list of foreign partners, we can help you recover debts from debtors located in Western Europe, USA and Asia. We also have extensive experience working with our Eastern partners: we successfully carry out recovery from debtors located in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation and other CIS countries. By cooperating with partners operating in a particular country and based on the name and experience of a foreign country’s recovery market participant, we can ensure that debtors will communicate more freely with representatives of companies known to them, in their mother tongue, using the legislation of the specific location of the debtor, and our clients will recover their debts faster and more efficiently.

When recovering debts abroad, we carry out both pre-trial and judicial debt searches, we advise clients on the application of the law of the country of interest to them.

We also successfully represent foreign creditors in order to recover debts for their benefit, regardless of the country of residence of the creditor or the debtor.

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Post-litigation recovery


The post-litigation recovery of debts is not an exceptional process and requires active control, because due to its improper execution, the effort, time and financial costs spent on litigation may become meaningless.

Without limiting ourselves to the formal submission of the enforcing document, our employees carry out constant control over the enforcement process, and ensure the search for and realization of the debtor’s assets in cooperation with the bailiffs. During the process of realization of the property, we ensure the search for potential buyers of the property and control that the property is sold under the most advantageous conditions.

Knowledge of the subtleties of forced execution leads to the fact that recovery occurs faster and more smoothly, therefore, in order to achieve the best result, clients delegate our specialists their right to control the course and quality of the recovery actions, carried out in their favor. By providing the information we collect to the bailiffs responsible for the enforcement process, make it easier for them to identify the assets belonging to the debtor, makes the realisation of such assets smoother, ensuring that our clients recover the money faster.

When providing post-litigaiton recovery services, we administer executive documents issued to your benefit, control the periodicity of deductions made, mediate in negotiations with bailiffs on the realisation of assets, pricing of sold assets and other enforcement actions.

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